Michael Fung Chairman Michael has been the Interim CFO of JCPenny. He was Senior Vice President and CFO of Walmart U.S. He joined Walmart in 2001 as Vice President, Finance and Administration for Global Procurement. He was promoted to Senior Vice President, Internal Audit Services in February 2003 and was later promoted to his current position Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer Walmart U.S. in 2006. He also has served as Interim COO & CFO for Neiman Marcus and is currently an Advisor to 99 Cents Stores.

Michael holds a MBA from University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, a BS in Accounting, University of Illinois, Chicago, Illinois and is a certified CPA in the State of Illinois.
Alexander Renz Advisor Alex’s passion is technology-driven business model innovation with a focus on the future of mobility and transportation. How do you leverage technologies to create thriving ecosystems and associated digital business models whilst protecting data and mitigating cyber security risks? He brings perspectives from the tech world and some of the world’s best software companies. Alex lived through major technology shifts including web, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and the transition towards cloud computing and software as a service. He is now actively shaping the future of edge and fog computing and open ecosystems. Rob Tiv President & Chief Operating Officer Rob has extensive industrial experience in development and implementation of enterprise technologies. These include Engineering, Operations, Supplier Management, Information Technology, Test and Quality Control and Intellectual Property Management.

Rob holds a Master degree in Product Design and Development Management Program from Northwestern University, Chicago.
Ludger Hemesath Chief Strategy Officer Ludger is an Engineer and Entrepreneur who started several companies, such as Loopinx LLC, a business incubator and Coaloo Media Inc., a next generation multi-layered social media platform. He was working in the high-tech 3-D software industry for 20+ years. Ludger has extensive experience in business development, software development, advanced 3-D technology, Virtual Reality, 3-D perception technology, robotics, user-interface design, high-tech consulting, sales, management & operations.

Ludger holds a master degree in mechanical engineering from RWTH Aachen, Germany.
Vithya Tith Chief Technology Officer Vithya has more than 15 years of experience in various applications and systems software development. His software experience ranges from biometrics, submarine detection systems, as well as mobile and web applications. He has an extensive background in data visualization and application development. Vithya’s expertise includes: Mobile Apps, Biometrics, Signal Processing, Web Applications, GUI Development and Object-Oriented Design. He is experienced in Java, C/C /C#, Objective-C and Matlab.

Vithya holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from George Mason University.
Li Tao Tan Chief Financial Officer Li is an experienced, results-oriented Senior Financial Professional with broad-based financial expertise managing company accounting and reporting, supply chain (especially procurement and manufacturing), internal controls, process reengineering, and compliance. He served in top management roles at McDonald’s, Walmart and Xunlei. His strong thought leadership and solution delivery combined with a proven ability to create and implement tangible strategies guarantees to achieve enterprise objectives. Li is a dedicated and cost-conscious leader with solid commitment to success.

Li holds a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from DePaul University, Chicago and also holds a US CPA certification.
Mark Kadziela VP Global Business Development Mark comes with 20 consistent years in selling account solutions management, as a worldwide Project Management Director; whose efforts focus on facilitating cohesion and understanding, so as to provide a vision which must be paired with the power of execution. Responsibilities included overseeing business development and design of product launches, staff management and developing new product lines that coincide with the organizations business objectives, and deliver them on schedule and on budget.

Mark holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Loyola University – Chicago.
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