Advertise interactively

SonicMESSENGER is the most powerful media platform for transforming advertising into an experience.

No matter where you advertise on TV, Radio, Social Media, or Video.

Measure instantly

Yes, that is right! Measure your audience reach and engagement activity instantly and directly. No 3rd party rating needed. After all, it is your audience – your data!

SonicMessenger Audience Reach

Create easily

How about creating an interactive campaign in minutes? The SonicMessenger platform enables you to create campaigns on the fly, on a mobile device or desktop. Adjust or change campaigns in seconds. Unleash your creativity and change advertising for good.

Implement risk-free

No matter where you want to use SonicMESSENGER, one thing remains the same. It does not need any infrastructure or upfront investments to get it going. It works without Bluetooth, Cingular, WiFi, or NFC and is way more secure than those things.

We make this a reality