How and when does SonicMSGR use your devices's microphone?

The microphone starts detecting for SonicTones™ when you start the app. You can change that to manually start in the Settings menu.

The SonicTones™ are inaudible frequencies that carry encrypted and encoded messages. These messages are being decoded on your device and displayed as a notification. This does not use data from your mobile plan.

When the microphones are in detection mode, they only care for the inaudbile frequencies in real time. We do not detect, record or store any environmental audio or listen to conversations. We do not collect any of your private data. We don’t know who you are and we don’t need to know.

Privacy is most important to us and it should be to you, too.

Are the SonicTones harmful in any way?

No! The Sonic Tones that we send out are inaudible to most humans. The frequencies we use are between 18 -20 kHz. The Sonic Tones are short blips.

A Sonic sound wave (Sonic Tone) is not an electromagnetic wave, like WiFi, Bluetooth or your Cellular Signal.

Why do I need the SonicMSGR app?

The Sonic Tones are highly encrypted and encoded sound waves and the decoding into a message or notification is done by the SonicMSGR app on your device, not on our servers or elsewhere. Only SonicMSGR enabled apps can decode our Sonic Tones..

Are there other Apps with SonicMSGR technology in it?

Yes, our customers can choose to put our technology into their own app. You would get a notification that this functionality has been added to the app and they would need to ask you for your consent.

Do you record or store personal data?

No, we do not store any personal information about you. Simply, we do not know you and we do not need to know you.

However, your phone has a unique ID number that is not associated with your personal information. Your phone transmits the unique ID to us and can count the number of those transmissions.